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Download Dragon Naturally Speaking - Free - USA & UK

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Imagine you could talk to the computer and it would transcribe your words or execute commands for you. With a microphone and a voice recognition program, this is not only possible, but it is increasingly simple. The leader in this type of software is Dragon Naturally Speaking, heir to the famous Via Voice.
Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition program available in several languages. It is quite interesting because through it you can create documents Microsoft Office using your voice and compose all kinds of letters, reports, and email. With it, you can write documents, write emails, surf the Internet or use Windows, all with an accuracy of up to 99%. In many cases, dictation with Dragon Naturally Speaking is faster than typing.
It looks like something out of science fiction but it's true, yes need some requirements of hardware and software and you install this tool created by Nuance Communications Inc. within the range of Dragon Naturally Speaking Solutions tools.
To recognize all your words, Dragon Naturally Speaking only requires a good quality microphone and previous training, short or long. After installation, you are offered up to twenty fragments extracted from literary and technical works for you to read, thus training the Dragon Naturally Speaking recognition engine.
Compatible with most applications, Dragon Naturally Speaking yields spectacular results. In our tests, he recognized words at a natural speech rate; We didn't have to talk like robots for Dragon Naturally Speaking to recognize complex phrases and commands. In case of doubt, it was enough to repeat the word a second time so that he would recognize it instantly.
Dragon Naturally Speaking not only transcribes what you say through your normal microphone or Bluetooth but also processes dictations recorded in audio files. Options that complete what, without a doubt, we can define as the best voice recognition application in the market.


What is Dragon Naturally Speaking for?

If you are still wondering what this program is for, you should know that its voice recognition technology has many and varied applications and utilities. Here are some examples for which you can use it:

Dictate speaking naturally.
Modification and formatting of documents only with voice.
To send e-mails.
Control the computer with voice only.
Perform Internet searches.
Use voice commands in social networks.
Transcribe dictated notes.
Use voice shortcuts.
Import and export of custom word lists.
Voice commands to insert frequently used texts and graphics.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Setup
Versions of the Dragon Software included in our expert technical support:
V1 – 1997 for Personal Use.
V2 – Also 1997 in Standard and Deluxe Editions.
V3 – In 1998 in Point and Professional Editions.
V4 – In 1999 in more than 5 Editions with Medical and Legal making
V5 – In 2000 with updates for all major versions of the software
V6 – In 2001 All major editions updated including Essentials
V7 – In 2003 All major versions updated
V8 – In 2004 with an update for all of their versions
V9 – In 2006 with updates for all major versions and new versions namely SDK Client and SDK Server
V10 – In 2008 with an update for all versions excluding SDK Client and SDK Server
V11 – In 2010 all major versions were updated and launch of a new Home Edition was made
V12 – In 2012 all major versions of Dragon were updated. Medical is still on v11 for now.


How to Setup Dragon Naturally Speaking

Launch the Dragon Anywhere app and choose Subscribe.
Select a subscription to purchase (Monthly or Annual).
Enter an email address.
The email will be your username to log in to Dragon Software Anywhere.
You can also Log in to your existing iTunes account to complete the purchase or choose to create a new iTunes account.
Confirm the subscription you want and place the order.
Accept the Apple subscription terms.
Optionally provide your first and last name.
Specify a unique password for Dragon Anywhere account.

Dragon Software Product support
Track your Dragon Software order
Get the tracking number for your Dragon Software shipment, or view the status of your order or shipment.

Activate your product
Use the card provided with your product.
Register your product
Activate your product warranty, and receive updates.

Download Dragon Naturally Speaking and Control your PC by the simple sound of your voice
Send emails to friends, surf the Internet, dictate reports, use social media - three times faster than using the keyboard
The ideal solution for students, teachers and multitasking enthusiasts
Complete all your tasks three times faster than with the keyboard
Up to 99% accuracy, from installation
Easily create, edit and format your documents
A few minutes are enough to be operational
Tested and approved by more than a million users worldwide